Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Abby from 18-24 months

Abigail has really transformed over the last 6 months. She has grown leaps and bounds with her language and her independence.

In November Abby got rid of her pacifiers. This was a bit of a challenge but she is a big girl and we are grateful we got rid of these before Amanda joined our family. We had a wonderful Thanksgiving visiting my Aunt and Uncle in New Ulm, MN. For Christmas we enjoyed hosting family at our house. Abby LOVED opening all of her Christmas presents.

We finally decided to cut Abby’s bangs and it seems like she transformed into a toddler with the haircut. She started talking in sentences and stringing more words together. Bill and I are usually able to understand what she says these days. Her vocabulary and ability to communicate have astonished us.

 As a family we have had many more adventures. We have gone on rides at the Mall of America, visited the animals at the zoo, played with bubbles at the Children’s Museum, and Midtown Market. Abby even loves to go grocery shopping and visiting her Grandparents.

Abby become a big sister to Amanda on 1/26/2012. Abby met Amanda and said, “My Baby”. We are grateful that Abby loves her sister so much. She enjoys holding her and kissing her daily.

Abby has begun doing many projects with Mommy and Daddy. She truly enjoys baking as she makes cookies, pancakes, muffins, and so much more. We learned over Christmas that Abby loves chocolate as she ate chocolates off the peanut butter Hershey kiss cookies. She likes to be a big helper as she worked with the power drill (turning it on and off) and helping Bill to put Amanda’s crib together.  Abby does like to help and mimic what Mom and Dad do~ one day she even try to fix the toilet with the plunger after we had an overflow.

Abby enjoyed Rock the Cradle on 2/26/2012- She amazed us with her amazing moves and how much she really enjoys listening to music. Abby went to the Bunny Brunch and Easter Egg Hunt at McRae Park 3/24. Abby prefers music to podcasts and has showed this by saying, “music now Daddy” when Bill is listening to a podcast. We love the things Abby says and she has really become particular about doors being shut and things being a certain way. Abby let us know what she likes and does not like. One day Katie tried to get Bill’s attention by using his name. Now from time to time Abby will say “Bill” in this sweet voice. It melts our hearts.
Abby’s last day at daycare was 3/22 and now she is staying home with Katie and Amanda. Katie is opening her own education in-home daycare. As the business is getting up and running Abby has enjoyed Story hour at Southdale Library, going for long walks, and having play dates

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