Monday, September 5, 2011

16 Months Old!


Since the last time we wrote Abby has had a number of adventures. Abby had her first camping adventure at Interstate Park near Taylor Falls in June. She loved playing with the dogs and hanging out with all of our camping friends. We ended up staying one night and that was enough for me. Abby loved the wilderness so much that she did not really want to sleep in it. She wanted to be a part of all the fun.

wendy and abby
Abby and Wendy camping

July 5th is when we determined that we had an official walker on our hands. Abby became very quick and Bill and I had to watch wear we placed out glass, phones, ipads, and any electronics that Abby would like to through in the toilet. So far the only thing we had to get out of the toilet is Katie’s car keys, license and check card.

Abby, mid summer 2011
Abby on the deck.

July 9th I finally got Abby her first haircut. I could not believe the transformation. Prior to getting her haircut Abby had a reverse bob that was very trendy but she did have all of her really fine baby hair. I think the haircut made her look more like a toddler to me.
Abby's first haircut in July
First Haircut!

Abby with Grandma
Abby with Grandma.

In the end of July Abby was lucky enough to have her Grandma and Granddad Kinney come for a visit. She loved going on walk, visiting Como Zoo, Eagle’s Nest indoor play park, going swimming at the pool, and spending time with family. Abby really enjoyed walking and seemed to have mastered it.

Abby walking at the park
Abby walking at the park.

Abby with Granddad
Abby with Granddad.

August 3rd we had a neighborhood block party where we had an opportunity to connect with our neighbors and catch up. Abby especially loves dogs these days. She gets so excited when she seems them that she points and says “whoo, whoo.” Abby had fun with bubbles and meeting some new friends on the block.

In August Abby was a social butterfly. She had Katie’s friends Sheri and Evy visit. Abby went to go visit Jack and Bridget in Wisconsin, and Ethan and Mandy came to play in the park. Abby really loves being social with other people. She is an excellent sharer and always up for new adventures.

Abby with Evy
Abby with Evy

at the fair!
At the State Fair
The end of August we visited Sea Life Minnesota at the Mall of America. Abby loved pointing at all the fish, octopuses, turtles, and sharks. It was very exciting to have such a fun adventure so close to home.

at sealife!
At Sealife at the Mall of America

Overall, we have had a wonderful summer swimming in the pools, playing the parks, going for walks.

 at the fair
Family picture at the state fair

Abby now has 12 teeth- WOW – 4 of these are molars.

Abby’s vocabulary consist of:
Daddy, Mommy, Kitty, Hi ,Bye, Bubbles, Bottle, Up, Down, No, Yes,  Chicky (Abby’s daycare provider), EI-EI-O, Grapes, Milk, All Done. (We're sure there's more, she's a little parrot these days.)

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

1 year old!

Abby has seven teeth, she is an excellent cruiser, and loves to help turn on lights and press buttons. Abby has a few words in her vocabulary, she say, “Mama, Dada, Hi, and Yum.” Abby loves to dance. She will turn up the radio, wave her hands, wiggle her legs, bop her head, and squeal in delight to the music. Bath time continues to be one of favorite pass times especially when Abby can dance in the bath and play with her new fountain toy.

Abby went to her first Twins game on April 8, 2011. She did a great job watching the game and all of the people.

Abigail is an excellent mimicker. She sticks out her tongue, does a Native American Chant, waves high and good-bye. She began exploring outside by crawling around playing at the park. We like to go for bike rides when the weather cooperates.

Grandma Kinney was able to come for a short visit for Abigail’s 1st Birthday. We had her first Birthday Party on April 30. She loved having her friends and close family there. Abby loved eating Angel Food Cake and cupcakes for her party. She especially loved smoothing it into her face.

Abigail went on her first carousal ride at the Mall of America during her Birthday weekend.

Monday, March 14, 2011

9 month update

Note: This should have appeared at least a month ago, as Abby is now 10 months and some change. I am also hopelessly behind on photo uploading to the internet. I hope to rectify this situation very soon. - Bill

Abby celebrated her first Christmas in North Carolina. It was amazing because it was a white Christmas. North Carolina got 5 inches of snow and Great Grandma Bet and Grand Aunt Sue ended up having their flight delayed for an additional 2 days. Abby favorite part of Christmas was that she loved opening presents, eating the wrapping paper, and being with family. She had so much fun she went to sleep by 4pm. We had an amazing time being with family. Abby did really well on the airplane rides. So well that we plan to visit Florida to see Great Grandma Bet in February.

In January Abby was on a mission to increase her speed as she crawled and explored more rooms in our home. We bought a baby gate and have begun to restrict her movements. Abby loves to have people come over or go places where there are lots of things to see. She enjoyed visiting her Grand Aunt Sandy and Grand Uncle Terry in Nicollet, Minnesota. She enjoys walking around the Mall of America, going shopping, and when people come for a visit.

Abby is doing really well as she is transitioning to solids. She enjoys feeding herself and we do not worry about the amount of food getting into her hair. She enjoys being on her feet but is still very tippy and needs to hold onto things Grandpa Nelson is encouraging Abby to walk every chance he gets. She began to pull herself from sitting to standing next to the bathtub. Abby is now in the regular bathtub and Abby can spin around and splash joyfully with a lot more room. Abby got her 3rd and 4th tooth this month and enjoys chewing and biting things- especially biting her Dad’s nose.

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