Tuesday, August 3, 2010

3 months old!

Time flies! Abigail continues to have many new adventures this month. She attended her first fundraiser "Bowling for Boobs" to support the three day walk for breast cancer. Abby loved hanging out with all of her friends while Mom and Dad had a chance to bowl a couple games.

Hanging with Abby at Bowling For Boobs


Abby continues to grow and grow. She is so amazing to us! She was 12 pounds 10 ounces at the doctor on June 28th. Abby began to love bath time. Daddy gave Abby a bath by himself and she even peed on him one of times Bill was preparing to get her ready for her bath. (It was quite funny!)
It's TUBBY Time

We loved celebrating Father's day and began a new family tradition that we will be making a father daughter page each year for Abby and her Dad.

My sister Amy and her son Luke came for a visit from Georgia the end of June.Grandma and Grandpa were very excited to have both grandchildren to ogle over. We even got a visit from our Aunt Sandy and Uncle Terry. We had wonderful family time.
Lunch Time
family picture

Abby went to her first Pride parade and enjoyed sleeping though most of it while laying on Desi's shoulder. We enjoyed being with friends and families.
After the parade Abby went to her second restaurant Pizza Luce with Desi and Becky.
Abby visited Pepito's again when she went to lunch with her new friend Josephine who was only eight days old at the time.
Desi, Becky and Abby
Abby likes Pepitos

The most precious moment this month occurred July 3rd. Bill was making silly laughing noises in varying styles of laughs and Abby began to giggle at her Daddy. It was so amazing to see how happy she was with her Daddy. He is very good at making her laugh out loud.
Hanging with Daddy!
Abby also had her first day in her swimsuit when she visited her grandparents pool. She did not go into the pool because it was too cold but she enjoyed sitting in the shade.
In the yard at the grandparents house

We had a major milestone when she rolled over just before she was three months old. Katie and Abby were on the floor singing and doing tummy time when she rolled over onto her back. Bill was there watching too. We were very proud parents together as we shared in this moment.

Grandma and Granddad Kinney came to visit and take care of Abby when Katie returned to work. We all had lots of fun together working on projects around the hours, singing songs, reading stories, and going for walks.

With Granddad Kinney
With Grandma

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