Saturday, June 19, 2010

7 week update!


Abby has had lots of excitement the last few weeks making friends. On Friday May 14th Abby had her 1st play date with Ethan Benedict.

Babies and Moms

Abby loves making new friends! She was excited to have Evy and Sheri come to visit from Duluth.

Evie with Abby

We visited Evelyn Zebot who just moved into the neighborhood and we are very excited for her Mom to have another little girl soon. We loved just laying around with Amelia Dufek.

Abigail and Amelia

Abigail had fun meeting Leo and Dru and hanging out with Desi, Becky and Heidi. Leo is one year old and Dru is two years old and it was amazing to see how much growth happens year to year.

At Heidi's house

Abigail met her boyfriend on June 13th when Jack Reiter came to visit from Wisconsin. We were so excited that Jack and Bridget were able to come visit us!

Abby with her boyfriend

Abby is our social butterfly that is constantly attracting family and friends. She loves when people come to our house to play.

Abigail has had some fun adventures as well. She went to Lake Calhoun on May 22nd to hang out at the lake with friends and relax.

We went to Willow River State Park for our first Camping Trip. We loved handing out in the shade, being loved by friends, and being outside at the camp site.

Out with the Campers!

Abby loves having people come and visit with family and friends.

Abby began sleeping in her crib on June 9th and she has started sleeping on more on a schedule. Katie is very excited that Abby is sleeping for 4-5 hours in a row at night. Abby seem to be growing each day. She seems to be getting very long. We think that she will be a very tall girl. Her head is getting stronger but she is still practicing holding her head up. Bath time is beginning to be more fun and of a chore. Abby does not like getting her hair washed yet. Abby is working to hold her head up, follow objects with her eyes, and take short stroller rides. Bill and I love when Abby will smile, squeak, and we have even had a couple giggles.

We had a spectacular Mother’s day as Katie was spoiled. Bill and Katie look forward to every day that we watch Abby grow and learn more.


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